Monday, December 17, 2012

Short and Spectacular!

The one and only Sweetledeets lounging in her new space :)
 I have to begin this post by sending out a huge thank you to the in-laws. Without their generous gift, this post would not be happening. In the 10 plus years Joe and I have been together, Mark and Sharon have welcomed me into their home, let me live in sin with their son while we were at college, and just support every single decision Joe and I have made together. They ask very little in return, and I know that for the remainder of our years, Joe and I will never be able to repay the debt we owe these two beautiful people.

We also need to thank Joe's Aunt Cindy and her partner, Tami. Cindy and Tami gave up three days to make the trek down to Maryland to install the floors. They worked non-stop and without complaint. They are another pair that we will be doing all we can to repay their efforts for us.

It is truly great to have such support and free help :)

Oh, and a big thank you to my model, Sweetums! She really knows how to liven up a pic :)

OK, enough with the gushing :) This will be a short post because I was not part of this DIY project. Due to previous plans, and some extenuating circumstances, I was unable to be there to help. All I really know about this project is that it was not as easy as it seemed, there was the slight under estimate for the amount of floor needed, and that "just click and go" is some sick joke floor companies play on you to lure you into buying their product.

I do have to say the end results are phenomenal. I can't stop staring at these beautiful laminate floors. They are the perfect color, they have a great texture to them, and they really make our first floor look double in size. They also make me want to put on my dancing shoes and dance the night away!! I also know that now I am disappointed in the appearance of the kitchen cabinets, and the lack of finishing touches in this space. One thing at a time, I know, but these floors are pushing me to blow our monthly budget to make our living space look great :). Here are some pics for your enjoyment! Stop on by and come enjoy these fantastic floors anytime!!


The beginning. How this little house looked when we bought it  :)

Beginning Cont.- I do not miss that stove at all. Check out that cheesy vinyl on the floors....

Middle- New paint job - old carpet

Middle- new paint job - old carpet

Old kitchen floor with updated appliances :)



Making progress :)

A bit more progress
Sweetums really loves the new floors! She has a whole section of the house just for her to cool off on :)
She had a really hard day of laying around and getting in the way :)
Please ignore the cardboard. There are some final touches still needed :)
Seriously, Sweets really loves them :)
My tootsies enjoying the "wood"


I apologize for the dark pictures, and all the Sweetums shots. It is near impossible to have a pic with her not in it, and the iPhone doesn't allow for professional pics :)