Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's a.....

Joe and I received our test results from the Harmony test I had done about two weeks ago. This is a newer test that is out. It tests for chromosomal abnormalities and gender defects. The results have a greater than 99% accuracy rate, and you can have the gender determined! I was super stoked about this because we would be able to find out 8 weeks before we could if we waited until our 20-week screening, and it's 100% accurate. So there's no way getting around the results :).

So, without further ado, Joe and I will be expecting a little baby GIRL in March!!! If you recall, I had a feeling this little bean was going to be a girl. In fact, I have been thinking, and telling most, that this baby was a girl since I found out we were pregnant again. I had almost every stereotypical Old Wives Tale symptom I could have had. My skin was breaking out, I had a bit more nausea, and my hair was dry as the desert! You might scoff at these, but after some research on the matter, all those "Wives Tales" actually hold some clout. Since Little Girl is raging with all her lady hormones, I take the brunt of it :).

While we were rooting for a little boy, we are in no way disappointed with the results. Mostly because we've been prepared.

Here are a few updated pics. Not much change, but thought you may enjoy :).


Little Girl making herself known

First Outfit :)

P.S. Not that I am in any way against pink, but there is a whole rainbow of color out there, so I have a feeling Little Girl's outfits will have a nice wide range of shade :)

Monday, September 9, 2013


Baby taking a little break 
It is with much trepidation, and excitement, that I write this post. Joe and I are PREGNANT, again!! This has been the most anxious, exciting, exhausting, and surreal time in my life! It has been 4 short months since we lost Baby V. That was devastating for us, and to be honest, there was a moment when I thought that sadness would never go away. After the loss, we decided we were going to take the time to heal and just see where the road lead in the baby dept. Well in that short wait and see time, I got knocked up! If you're trying to do the math, we lost Baby V in May and got a positive test in July, so in one short cycle we got pregnant. I only mention this because I was pretty shocked to see those two pink lines appear.

Here I sit fresh after my 12-week appointment feeling very positive and excited. This pregnancy has already been soo different than my first. I've had more bouts of nausea, but I almost feel bad mentioning it because I know a lot of women really suffer from it. I just eat a little something every couple of hours or so and it stays at bay. My hair is like straw, I'm breaking out like a 15 year old, and I wake up every night around 3:30 to use the bathroom. There are some foods that I've had to cut out because I just can't stand the thought of them, but all in all I really have been feeling pretty fantastic, compared to what I could be feeling.

Joe and I are still rooting for a boy, but I am pretty convinced this one's a girl. We will luckily find out in a couple of weeks! No, I'm not wishful thinking. Thanks to medical advances, there is a simple blood test that can detect chromosomal abnormalities with a greater than 99% accuracy rate, and you can find out the gender. With everything we went through with Baby V, we felt this was an easy thing to do. Also, I don't have patience and I am not waiting till the baby comes to find out the sex. I wanna know. The sooner the better!

I'm optimistic about this pregnancy, but I still have a lot of anxiety. Everything has really been running on schedule that I feel like I am just waiting for that other shoe to drop. The good news is my doctor is amazing and very sensitive. She told me today I could come back in two weeks for another ultrasound if I needed to just to see the baby :). Here's to a healthy pregnancy :)

Here are a few stats:

Our estimated due date is March 26, 2014

I'm 12 weeks

All I want to eat all the time is cereal or tomato soup :)

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure, or not ;p.

That blob at the top is the baby's head :)

Baby was kicking so much today it was hard to get a shot!

Getting bigger by the minute!!!