Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Like a Virgin...

IKEA. Four letters I have been trying to avoid my entire life. Since I started college, I have heard nothing but Ikea this, Ikea that, or "Oh I bought the coolest thing at Ikea." I always thought, "What's so great about Ikea - I'm pretty sure Target has the same stuff." I avoided it like the plague. Well, when we bought our home I started doing a little research and like every DIY site mentions Ikea about 10 times in a blog. That started to peak my interest. Then, I started complimenting pieces I would see at a friend or relatives house, and lo and behold they'd tell me they got it at Ikea. So, I finally sold out and went.

As I am sure everyone reading this knows Ikea is out of control! They literally have whole houses set up! You know how Joe and I live in a tiny space, well, Ikea has soooooo many ideas for such spaces. I think I was told this long ago, but not being a home owner, and being a little snobbish about conforming, I didn't pay attention. I get it now, everyone! Ikea kinda rocks my socks :)

I rounded up my favorite shopping buddy, mom, and away we went :). Mom was an Ikea virgin as well so I am sure we both looked like fools ogling all the set ups and stopping in the middle of the isle to chat about this or that. Every time I thought we were coming the end of the road we'd be in a whole other section. It was by far the coolest place I have ever been. And we finally made it to the bedroom section. I had originally wanted to go there looking for something to complete the living room, but I ended up with a bed. Isn't that how it usually works? You are looking for something and then out of the blue you find an amazing piece you never knew you wanted.

As most of you who actually read this know, I have a fancy for antiques or look a likes. There is almost nothing in Ikea that follows that design, except the lovely wrought iron bed I picked up. The scroll details and  wrought iron give it a '30s feel and the cream color keeps it neutral and airy. I love the new bed. In fact, I am thinking of calling it an early night just so I can  spend some extra time in it :).

Please ignore the decor. The bedroom is still a work in progress :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50 Shades...

Hello, friends! Well, here we are again, summer has officially started, and so has my blogging :). For the past few months I have been thinking about what needs done next. When I came up with everything, I figured I needed to scale back. I decided to start with paint. Unfortunately, this has opened a Pandora's box of more things that need to be done, but that's another blog :).

This is before. Notice Sweets hanging her head in disgust.
After. Sweets loves the new paint. She's holding her head high in pride :)
Before we moved in, the bank decided they would add new carpet and fresh paint. So sweet of them, right??? Wrong! I hate carpet, and the paint chosen was the worst color ever. Not to mention that the bank chose a flat finish. I mean, who does that? Ever had to clean a wall from drool spraying everywhere on a flat finish? It's not pretty.

I was finally able to talk Joe into letting me paint. I was ecstatic when he said yes, and I promptly went out and got samples, and then the next day got paint and got started. I showed Joe two colors and forced him to chose the one I wanted ;p, - a soft gray. Stone Gray to be exact. It is exactly what I have had in my head for months now. I love the final product!

As I normally do, I enlisted the help of family to help me tackle this project. I mean who doesn't like to paint with a friend. Plus, the time goes by quicker and you keep just a little of your sanity when two are painting :). In comes Joe's mom, Sharon, and away we went. When I first started, I was a little concerned that I had chosen the wrong color. It went on sooooooo light. But, as with all paints, it dried to the perfect shade of gray.

I had also decided that I was getting rid of the oak banister we have going upstairs. I hated it. It was so blah. It got a white wash along with the railing leading up the stairs, and I have to say that is honestly my favorite part of our living room now.

Banister before. Boring ol' oak. Yuck!
Banister after. Clean, crisp white :)
I also love how our antiques POP with this new paint. It has inspired me to stain our oak - gag - kitchen cabinets a dark cherry color. Like I said, Pandora's Box. On to the next project, new flooring in the kitchen, new light fixtures, and stain :). I can't wait!!!
Poppin' antiques :)
Notice the doggy key ring holder. I love this little gem. I picked it up in Brooklyn  while visiting my brother. It has been begging to be displayed :).