Monday, November 25, 2013

Thar she blows!

This is how I'm feeling today. Like a huge freaking whale! Let me point out that I realize I am 5.5 months pregnant and I'm supposed to gain weight. I know that I am only going to get bigger, but that's not helping! I caught a glimps of myself in a mirror and was horrified at the reflection. I mean if I'm this large now how freaking big am I gonna get?!  

Recently it was pointed out to me, by a coworker, that it's staring to show in my face that I am pregnant. Aka I have fat face. Today another coworker told me I'm carrying this baby in my booty..... Both these women are lucky they are still alive. 

I knew I was going to get large, but it's getting pretty hard to accept the weight gain. I know I bring it on myself because my eating habits have practically gone down the toilet since our first pregnancy and they have just gotten worse with Little Miss. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stand by the time this is all over because I'll be the size of a house! 

So to ease my mind, I'm going to go stress eat my second brownie of the night, prop up my swollen fat feet, and cry a little that my shirts have stopped covering my belly....

No update pics till next week when my hormones have possibly leveled and I'll be feeling less camera shy :-)


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We hit the 20 week mark today! Wahoo!! Although, to be honest, I'm feeling more like "We're only halfway there?!" instead of "We're halfway there!" To me, growing a kid seems to be taking forever, and knowing that I still have 20 more weeks to go seems outrageous! Everyone has told me that time is flying by, so I will take their word for it and try to change my view on the timetable :). 
8 week sonogram
I know most women are starting to get anxious around this time about getting things ready for the baby, but since I feel like we still have an eternity to go, I'm not worried about anything. We'll start the nursery when I am home over winter break, and have a shower sometime after, and then we'll be all set. I am mostly worried about fencing in the backyard before Little Miss makes her arrival because we are entering the winter months, but I am sure it will get done :). 

I've continued to have numerous people warn me against cloth diapers; in fact just the other night, a friend of mine sent me home with some new born diapers. I politely took them, figuring we can use them as drool catchers for Sweetums. Here's my thoughts on the cloth diapers: if we hate them, or find them to be too much work, we'll sell them on eBay and use disposable, but I am going to give them an honest try. Also, after feeling how soft the cloth diapers are, I am jealous of Little Miss' rump. I wish my underoos were that soft.  
12 week sonogram
I have been feeling Hazel a lot this week. More and more throughout the day, not just at night. That's been pretty fun, and a bit inconvenient because she likes to use my bladder as a trampoline. It sure makes it hard to teach when you constantly feel the urge to pee!

After months of little to no meat, I woke up Monday morning wanting nothing but pot roast smothered in gravy with mashed potatoes on the side, and I have been a serious carnivore since! I have sauerkraut and hot dogs cooking in the crock pot as we speak, and for lunch today I had some beef brisket. It was amazing! My apologies to any vegetarians or vegans out there, but I am so happy to have meat back in my life :)

We had our 20-week anatomy scan on Monday, and Little Miss is looking like a healthy baby. All her measurements are in the "normal" range, and she was moving and shaking in there. The doctor told us it was good we already knew the gender because she was being very shy about showing us her goods! I thought, they're lucky I already knew because I would have demanded as many sonograms as it took until she started cooperating. As a bonus, we'll get another sonogram at our next appointment because of her lack of cooperation :).

Here's to a continued happy and healthy pregnancy :)

Hazel- 20 weeks!