Saturday, February 15, 2014

Getting, slightly, sentimental

Since we are in the home stretch, I thought I'd look back and think about things I won't miss when this pregnancy is over and things I will. I'll start with things I won't miss:

1. I won't miss the constant numbness on my left side, especially my left hand. Washing my hair one handed is becoming a bit of a chore. 
2. I won't miss the almost crippling sciatic pain that comes from left field. 
3. I won't miss not being able to sleep however I feel comfortable. 
4. I won't miss not being able to recognize my feet and ankles. They've officially become one. 
5. I won't miss not being able to breath every time I eat. 
6. Lastly, I won't miss the heartburn. 

Things I will miss:
1. I will miss the feeling I get every time Little Miss squirms, hiccups, rolls, or kicks. 
2. I will miss feeling her little feet, hands, elbows, and rump poking me. 
3. I will miss it being just us two. This is the only time it will be just Hazel and I. Once she's out, I'll have to share her with the world. I'm not quite ready for that. 
4. I'll miss forgiving myself for every piece of food I eat. The extra scoop of ice cream, or the handful of Cheez-its, or the second (read third) helping.
5. I will miss not feeling guilty about taking a break, or an hour nap, or just sitting back while those around me work. 
6. Lastly, I will miss the belly. The in-the-way, beach-ball sized belly. I'll miss rubbing it, marveling at it, and watching it grow. 

I'm so looking forward to holding this little girl, but I can't help but think about how precious this time has been. While these 8.5 months have been chugging along at a snail's pace, I am slightly sad they are winding down. It still feels like a very long time until we meet, but I will be enjoying what we have left.  


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

49 Days

Little Miss and I hit 33 weeks today! We've got 7 more weeks to go, or 49 days! We had a check up on Monday, and I am now measuring 35 weeks! The belly definitely feels like it is about to pop at times, and poor Hazel is running out of space faster than I am sure she would like. She let's me know she's not happy about it by the kicks to the ribs I get and stretching until it feels like she is gonna bust through. Sorry kid, this 5'1" frame ain't getting any bigger. Because of the explosive growth, our doc scheduled a sonogram for our next appointment to check on Little Miss' growth. I am really excited about that since it's been forever since we've seen her :). We were getting them pretty regularly for a while, and I'm going through withdrawal. I'm sure she'll be measuring just fine. I really think I'm measuring large because there is no where for this thing to go but out! As I said, I'm only 5'1".

On a super happy note there was no weight gain this appointment! I actually lost 2lbs. I was pleased with that. Now calm down, folks, I'm not on a  mission to lose just yet, but I did make a conscious effort over the past two weeks to get my act together. So, to celebrate, I bought Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies on my shopping trip last night.

Hazel and I took our first spill last night, and to be honest I am shocked it didn't happen sooner. All I can say is eggs went flying, and my rump is more sore than I would like. I called the doc in a panic after it happened, and he assured me that everything was fine with the baby. She was moving and shaking last night as usual and has been moving and shaking all day today. I may need to invest in a pair of shoes, as you may have read, I only have two left, and they are not very winter friendly.

Well here are some updated pics of Little Miss and myself!

Busting a gut, literally...

Sweets is not impressed with the photo shoot....