Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Four Months!

Little Miss turned four months old yesterday! Since we're in Colorado, we thought we'd capture this amazing milestone by taking advantage of this lovely place. The three of us headed out to Garden of the Gods and attempted a little photo shoot. Although the sun was too bright, and the three of us sweated off our morning meals, we got a few good shots (and with this backdrop and subject how could we not?)

A few of Little Miss' favorite things:

  • Chewing on fingers (any fingers)
  • Reaching and grabbing for anything in sight
  • Flashing smiles
  • Putting anything she possibly can in her mouth

A few of Little Miss' not so favorite things:

  • Tummy time
  • Napping
  • The car seat


This girl thought her 4 month sticker was awesome!
Hanging with my girl 
Can I have those fingers, please?
Such a good sport :)

I'm over this, mom.....